Three Tips For Planning Your Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen Party On A Budget

Turning 16 is one of the biggest moments of your daughter’s teenage years. It’s a time to celebrate, and it’s become custom to throw your daughter a Sweet 16 birthday party. However, planning a party for a 16-year-old when you have a tight budget can be a challenge. So, before you talk to your daughter about her Sweet 16 party, check out these tips for planning a fun party on a budget.

Select a Theme

While you don’t have to have a specific theme for a Sweet 16 party, deciding on a theme makes it easier for you to plan. When you have a themed party, all of the decorations, entertainment, and food is centered around your theme. So, you might be able to buy themed items in bulk and serve food with similar ingredients to cut down on your expenses. Some Sweet 16 theme ideas include:

  • Her favorite color
  • Her favorite food
  • Masquerade
  • Hollywood
  • Diamonds and denim
  • Carnival

Decide What You Need for the Party

If you’re trying to save money, you don’t want to spend money on things that you don’t need. So, once your daughter chooses her theme, make a list of everything that you need to get for her party. Start by listing the most expensive items first, but make sure if you need something expensive that it’s really necessary. For example, if you are planning a music themed party, you could save money by uploading a playlist to your MP3 player, or you could splurge a little and hire an entertainment DJ like Pulse Entertainment. Because your party has a music theme, spending the money to hire an entertainment DJ may be worth the extra expense.

Make a Guest List

You have a theme picked and you know exactly what you need to purchase to pull the party together. Now it’s time for your daughter to make a guest list. Before you ask her for her list, tell her how many people she can invite. If you can only afford to feed 20 kids, then make sure she’s only inviting 20 friends. Teenage parties can get out of hand, and get expensive, if you don’t limit the amount of guests.

You don’t have to put a huge dent in your wallet to throw your daughter a fun Sweet 16 party. As long as you plan ahead, choose a cost-effective, fun theme, and control the guest list. It’s easy to throw a Sweet 16 party for your daughter on a tight budget.

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