4 Ways To Make Sure You Get The Perfect Wedding Dress Online

Are you thinking about looking at wedding dresses online? There are many beautiful wedding dresses available through Internet boutiques by unique wedding dress designers, and many of them cost a mere fraction of what a wedding dress in a traditional store would charge. However, it can be a challenge buying even ordinary clothes online, let alone something as important as a wedding dress. How can you make sure that you get something fantastic?

1. Always Err on the Side of Caution With Sizing

When ordering a wedding dress, it’s a good idea to order a size up. It’s very easy for someone to take in a dress, but it’s harder to get a dress let out–especially a dress as complex as a wedding dress. Because a wedding dress is usually fairly form-fitting, a tailor will almost always  be necessary to put in the finishing touches. For this reason, don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the dress that you want in your size: you can make it into your size.

2. Don’t Forget to Flatter Your Features

Most dresses are photographed on models who have a classic hourglass figure–but not everyone has the same body shape. Make sure that you visualize your dress on you, not on the models; a dress that looks great on someone with a hourglass might look terrible on someone who is differently shaped. In general, choose a dress that emphasizes your best features. 

3. Get a Color Swatch First

Even if you have already found the most amazing dress in the world, you should always request a swatch of the fabric before you order. Though the design may be exactly what you see online, the color often is not. Web designers and photographers can’t control the color of the picture that you see because it’s affected by things such as what computer you’re viewing it on and what monitor you’re using. A color swatch is the only way to know what color an item really is.

4. Timing is Everything

Make sure that your dress will arrive with adequate time to test it out and tailor it and to send it back if it’s unsuitable. If you receive your dress only a few days before your wedding, you may not have time to find a different one if it fits strangely. Most boutiques will send out another dress while they wait for the first dress to be returned, but they still need time to send out the second dress. 

Getting a wedding dress online lets you select the perfect dress from the comfort of your own home. While there may be some complications due to the fact that you can’t try on the dress, wedding dresses are uniquely suited to the online purchasing process because they are almost always customized regardless. 

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