Daughter Turning 16 And Planning An Outside Birthday Party? 2 Tips To Make It A Great Day For Her

Sixteen is one of the big birthdays for children, as it is finally time to get their driver’s license. If you are planning to make this day a big affair for your daughter to celebrate this milestone in her life, below are some tips to make it a day they will always remember.

1. Event Tent

Rent an event tent to give the party guests a comfortable place outside to enjoy the party. This tent will let the party go on even if it starts raining, and protects people from the sun. Two types of tents you can choose from include:

  • Pole tent: This type of event tent is supported by poles. The poles are placed beneath the fabric to not only give support, but to give the tent its shape. Cables are attached to the poles and are staked to the ground to keep it in place.
  • Pipe frame tent: A pipe frame tent has a framework that is made of steel pipes or aluminum to support the roof, as well as to give it shape. The steel pipes or aluminum is rigid, so the tent is freestanding. You can still have it anchored however, to give it more support.

Visit an event tent rentals establishment like Joliet Tent Co, and they can help you determine the best size for your event. They will need to know how many people are attending, as well as other things under the tent, such as tables, chairs, etc. You should also make sure the tent is big enough for the teenagers to dance.

2. Entertainment

Provide entertainment for the teenagers, such as music, food, and other activities. If you do not have a sound system, consider hiring a DJ. Make sure they bring along a variety of music so the DJ can play the song requests from your teen and their friends.

Consider hiring a local band to come to the party. They will likely not charge much, as this gives them exposure. Let them sell their CD’s at the party, and they may cut their price even more.

Additional Suggestions

Set some silly glasses and hats on a table so the kids can take pictures of themselves wearing them. Hire someone to give the girls makeovers, such as in doing their makeup.

Don’t forget about the food for the party. Consider having pizzas delivered, and set up food on a table that they can munch on throughout the evening. Include a punch bowl in the middle of the table.