A Fist Full of Coins: Tips to Break the House & Win at the Slots

As luck would have it, you will not win every time you play the slots. But you can help increase your chances by simply educating yourself with a few simple strategies. So brace yourself, and take notes of some of the following tips and strategies.

Understand the Beast

The slot machine is a probability machine, meaning that you have a certain amount of chances of winning as you do losing. You also know that it cost money to play your luck. So, one thing you should consider is sticking to a budget; be prepared with a fixed amount of cash that you are okay with losing. And make sure you stop playing after you reach this amount. 

A Closer Look at the Slot Machine

Though most are obsolete, you should stay away from class II slot machines. You can ask a casino attendant which machines are class II. These machines–even though they generate random numbers–predetermine whether your spin is going to win or not. That means a class II machine could be programmed to be a loser every time. You should play a class III machine. These machines are regulated and guarantee that you have a reasonable chance of winning every time you press that button or pull the lever. 

Split Up Slot-Playing Sessions

The house must change the probability of rewards for each machine, to keep things fair. And this is also done to compensate the amount of gamblers throughout the day.This cannot be done while you are playing, but it may be done periodically throughout the day, depending on the amount of people playing the slots and such. You can use this to your advantage by simply splitting up your gambling times to increase your chances. But be sure to stick to that plan, and only gamble the amount of money you predetermined. 

Choose Your Machine Wisely

The following are a few things to look for when choosing a slot machine. These might help increase your chances of winning:

  • Look for a slot machine that is highly visible; the chances of winning might be better here. This is because a win here may encourage other visitors to play the slots. 
  • Choose a machine with a low payout, as the chances of winning there may be higher than one with a high payout. 

Whether you’re playing in Vegas or at some San Diego slots, these tips will, hopefully, help you play the slots with a wise eye to improve your odds of winning.