Party Linen Rental Advice

Hosting a large event, such as a wedding or banquet, often means rented tables and chairs. This means you will also need to rent the linens necessary for the event if you want to have enough. In most cases, this will mean napkins for the diners and tablecloths for each dining table, along with cloths to cover any banquet or presentation tables. The following guide can help you navigate the rental process.

DO check with your caterer and event center

You may not have to specifically rent linens, depending on the other services you are securing. Some catering companies provide linens for all events that they serve. This is more likely if the caterer is providing all dinner and serving ware. Sometimes the event center you rent will also have linens, or, at a minimum, tablecloths made to fit their tables. This won’t be the case, though, if you have to rent the tables through a third party provider.

DON’T rent sight unseen

Most reputable party rental places will ensure that everything is in good condition, but it is still a good idea to inspect the linens before you commit to a rental. Make sure there are no obvious stains and that the fabric is in good condition. If the company offers colors beyond white, make sure they are relatively consistent across multiple tablecloths.

DO make sure linens are ironed

Few things looks worse on a table than wrinkled tablecloths and napkins. Verify with the rental company that all linens will come pre-ironed and that napkins will be folded. Inspect the linens at the time of delivery, and don’t be afraid to to refuse them until they are ironed as promised. Some rental companies may even go a step further, and offer napkins that are folded into decorative shapes.

DON’T overlook the extras

You may need more than simple tablecloths and napkins. Other party essentials include table skirts. These can go a long way towards hiding the unattractive legs of many rental or event tables. They are also handy if you are using many tables of different designs or shapes, since the skirts will give a more cohesive look. For an outdoor event, inquire about tablecloth weights, as these may be provided. You may also want to consider some decorative linen items, such as table runners or overlay cloths.

Talk to a rental center like Party People Rentals & Sales near you to find the perfect linens for your next event.