About Nolan Azares

Hi! My name is Nolan, and music is my world. Not many people know how much music affects our culture. Since I can remember, I’ve loved music. I don’t claim to love it any more than anyone else, but I have made it my life’s mission to study it in depth. It’s my mission to share with the world the impact that music can have on society.

Music is undeniably linked to our souls in some mysterious way. Moods can be altered by certain songs. Music can make us happy or sad, it can make us feel triumphant or haunted. I have no special musical preference; I enjoy everything from ancient religious harmonies to modern pop.

I remember going to a concert with my father when I was very young. I don’t remember who was playing but I do remember feeling transported to a different place, and it changed me forever. I studied music in college and got my master’s degree in music education. Today we’ll cover the blues, rock n roll, jazz, country music and pop. Even if you don’t care for a particular style of music, maybe learning more about it will deepen your appreciation for music all around.

I hope that in learning about some of the styles of music practiced today you might find some inspiration.