Jazz Music and Rock n’ Roll


Jazz is generally thought to have been born in New Orleans. Long a center of Blues music, New Orleans was a melting pot of cultures and sounds. Traditional African drumming blended with ragtime sounds, and Jazz was born.

Jazz is an expression of freedom, its melody floats and tumbles wherever the artist desires. The beautiful thing about jazz is that after choosing the initial key to play in, almost anything sounds like it goes! Old jazz was all about improvisation, figuring out what the people wanted right then and there.

In 1901, Louis Armstrong was born. The father of jazz music, Armstrong is considered the most brilliant jazz artist of all time. Armstrong played around the world and was responsible for introducing the population to the wonders of jazz music. Throughout the years jazz has expanded to include more instruments and more complicated music. Jazz however, remains the ultimate musical expression of self and freedom to do as one wishes.

A Very Brief History of Rock n’ Roll

Rock music! Born out of the frenzied styles of jazz and blues music, Rock was born in the south and quickly moved to take over the country. The term Rock n’ Roll wasn’t actually used until Alan Freed used the term in his song “My Baby Rocks me with a Steady Roll.” Rock is really just electric guitars and heavy drums added to blues music, and early rock was dedicated to the exploring of otherwise socially unacceptable topics.

No music has inspired movements like rock has. Rock music exudes passion, and promotes social unrest in many cases. Many styles of rock music exist today, including garage rock, beach rock, blues rock, and folk rock. Rock music in America was also heavily influenced by British musicians bringing special sounds over in the 50s and 60s.